Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fresh out of the kiln.

The New Kiln Firing Up.

Since the kiln arrived I've been reading up on the instructions, and to be honest I found it all a bit scary! That and reading my enamel book, and researching the internet and magazines and I think I'm suffering from information overload.

So, this morning I decided that today was the day! With all my safety gear on the ready and my supplies and equipment nearby I wheeled the kiln to a spot by a window where I couldn't burn the house down.
Big Red Leather Welder's Gloves not shown!

Four or five hours later and I've made one small pair of earrings - yes that's all but I have learnt a lot. I've learnt:
  • If my glasses steam up it means my dust mask isn't tight enough!
  • Until I get some more practise -Stick to making pendants - it's hard to get two things exactly the same for earrings.
  • Don't counter enamel with the same colour as the front. A few layers down the track I couldn't remember which side was which or how many layer's I'd done.
  • Even though the books say don't apply a layer too thick - I think I can be a little more generous!
  • Practise on larger items - I thought if I messed up I'd waste less materials with little copper components but the truth is they are fiddly - I'd be better off with larger pieces until I'm a bit more experienced.
  • Find a better spot to use the kiln - preferably near the sink and near another power point where I can plug in the pickle pot - still hopefully where I won't burn the place down.
  • Try and get a production line thing happening - it was very stop start today. I seemed to be forever taking the leather gloves, goggles and mask on and off, depending on what bit I was doing.
Anyway, I had fun, I didn't get hat hair but did get goggle & mask hair instead - glad there were no unexpected visitors! And...........Ta Dah! Here's the results of the day's efforts :)

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Miss Dot said...

I call it mask face....

:-) well done, they look great.

Andrea said...

Some great tips! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to play around with my enamels again soon. Your earrings turned out super cute!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane, I want to know why they make the masks, goggles and welder's gloves only in Man sizes!

Andrea, Thanks! I've had a peek at your Etsy Shop. I love the work you do in Fine Silver.

Copperheart said...

Very exciting! I'm a little jealous of your kiln. I just have a little hotplate one myself. Happy enameling!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Copperheart, Your blog tutorials have been so helpful for me, so thank you for them.
Hope to have another play this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your earrings Pam. You will have such a wonderful time and your kiln looks amazing. Bev

GetSilvered said...

Thanks so much Bev :)