Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birthday Pressie

I've made these earrings for my niece's Birthday next week. Don't worry I'm sure I won't ruin the surprise - I'm pretty certain she doesn't read my blog!
I've been using a wooden doming block for the last couple of years and I've just upgraded to a stainless steel block and dapping punches. I love it - I can work the metal into a much deeper curve now.
These earrings have a brushed satin finish in the concave part of the dome with a contrasting high polish on the convex part on the reverse. I've nestled a freshwater pearl in each dome. When worn they'll dance around at the end of the chain so both the matte and the polished surfaces will be seen.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE those! That's the style I would love to learn to make some day. What kind of classes would I look for to do that? ...your neice is going to love them!

Get Silvered said...

Thanks for the comments Urban design.
If you want to learn this sort of work you need to look for metalsmith or silversmith classes.
Often lapidary clubs run these sort of classes if you have one near you.
I did a short night class at a local technical college to get me started in the basics.

Miss Dot said...

oh I love those! well done. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on Sunday :-)

Melanie said...

these are lovely!

I have in mind to make something along those lines, but with the high polish on the inside of the dome, so it reflects out the colour of whatever I decide to hang in it :)
I'm still pondering on how I'm going to get the inside polished to a high shine!