Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Practise Display.

I've got the Fremantle Bazaar coming up this weekend and I've laid out all my stock in the dining room as a kind of mock up display.
I'm sharing a stall with Jane & Petra so we'll have our 3 lots of stock over 2 trestle tables so I imagine our set up will be a lot different on the day but I did this mostly to visualise how much I actually have made and how much room my new busts will take up on the table and to get an idea of how to place them.
I'm sure it can always be improved upon but I was quite pleased with the result. Pin It


Miss Dot said...

it looks great! well done, good idea to set it out to get ideas about how to do it at the market. I hope it goes well for you. I will try to get down and see you Saturday depending on how finished I am for East Freo on Sunday. Bummer that the dates clash, I wonder if they knew? I just hope all our customers don't spend ALL their money with you! I hope it goes really really well, I hope you have a waterproof tent? our $20 one from Bunnings is so we should be cool. I hope the weather is kind and the customers are generous! Best of luck.

littlemissmeshell said...

That looks beautiful! Mum and I are coming tomorrow, so hope to see you and your lovely work there :)

Meshell from Etsy x

Get Silvered said...

Thanks Littlemissmeshell & MissDot.
It turned out a great weekend.
It was strange that Freo had two big events on the same day. I've seen your blog pictures Miss Dot - your stall looked fabulous.

Sorry I missed you littlemissmeshell. I hope you enjoyed the bazaar and didn't get covered in dust!