Friday, July 06, 2007

Behind The Monkey

I can't believe it's a whole month since I last posted. The older you get the quicker the time seems to pass ;(
I have been busy with jewellery. I've been getting stock together for a new Retail store - Behind the Monkey. I'm excited for two reasons - one because I've got 30 pieces of my chainmaille and corrugated metal jewellery in the shop but also because it's my sister's shop and of course I'm thrilled for her.
Here's a sneak preview of the front of the shop - the windows are covered over because it's not opening until tomorrow. She's stocking jewellery - she's an accomplished jewellery maker herself as well as gift lines, original art work and a few homewares.
Perth people - Come check out the shop - she's at 479 Beaufort Street in Highgate. Opening 07/07/07 - that has to be good numerology!! Pin It

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