Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You can never have too many tools.

I got 2 new tools recently and I've used both of them in this piece. I got a neat pair of pliers that puts a hole in metal with out getting out the drill. It saves so much time - I've been putting holes in all sorts of scrap metal ...well.... just because I can!
My other new tool is a hammer that has ridges carved out of it and it made the neat textured pattern on the disc above. I've polished this one up to a high shine but I want to experiment with oxidising a few pieces soon for a different look. For all you jewellery tool freaks out there, here's where to find these tools and lots of other cool ones too.

The beads in this necklace are mookite or moukite (it seems to be spelt both ways) and I just love the colours which range from sandy yellows, browns& rusty reds. I've got more pictures of this piece here. Pin It

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